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Totaal Integraal Optimaal Renovatie Concept

Een groep betrokken ondernemers in Limburg, gecoördineerd en gefaciliteerd (onderzoek en innovatie) door Hogeschool Zuyd biedt u TIORC aan. Een gezamenlijke, integrale aanpak voor de upgrade van de bestaande woningvoorraad. Een uniek en aantrekkelijk concept voor woningcorporaties en bewonersverenigingen in Limburg. Met name de integrale aanpak heeft voor u als eigenaar van vastgoed meerwaarde: naast de techniek worden ook de economische, juridische en sociale aspecten aangepakt.  Een zogenaamde “one stop shopping”. De vernieuwing zit in de optimale combinatie van Limburgse bedrijven in de bouw- en installatiebranche, financierders, juristen en eigenaren die willen investeren in bestaande woningen. Dit leidt tot fysieke verduurzaming, financiële en sociale innovatie van wijken.

Concrete resultaten:

  • Optimaal wooncomfort voor bewoners
  • Lage energierekening
  • Realisatie van levensloopbestendigheid
  • Stijging vastgoedwaarde woningen
  • Aangename leefomgeving (veiligheid en groen)
  • Terugdringen van CO2

Blockchain is the technology that will make it possible to trade your energy with “your neighbour”, who is having a shortage. In concrete terms, when you have a surplus in energy you will be able to trade, or sell it in energy bitcoins. Blockchain4prosumers represents a concrete solution to the energy crisis for both citizens and firms. This site presents the innovative work of the Interreg EMR Research team.

The Interreg EMR Blockchain4Prosumers project aims to develop a framework, new business models and demonstrators to develop the potential of the energy market that prosumers – households and businesses that generate energy locally – create using blockchain technology.



“Sharing is caring”  

share your energy and care for the planet!  

Children from OBS Berg tested on Wednesday an innovative app to share energy in the context of sustainability’s lessons.   

Sharing energy to overcome the energy crisis. It seems almost too easy a solution to be true and yet the technology is already there. Now the rest has to follow, specifically: the legal framework and a change in mentality of individuals, politicians and institutions. The children, prosumers of the future, already agreed this is a great plan!     

Energy sharing is child’s play  

Energy sharing is perhaps the real solution to the energy crisis. Consumers facing energy shortages would later be allowed to shop from so-called “prosumers”, neighbors with a surplus in energy. “A win-win situation that could solve a lot but that did not yeat break through to the general public.” says Ann Das, project manager.    

To fill this gap, researchers from the Interreg Meuse-Rhine project Blockchain4Prosumers have organized a special schoolparty: the “Energy sharing: so easy even a child can do it!” festival. On Wednesday 17 of May the children of public elementary school in Berg en Terblijt were the first to test an innovative app to share energy!   

Core values: discovering and learning in this day  

The children took their role as tester very seriously and the school, which works with BLINK, a thematic system for teaching, was all too happy to give the opportunity to organize a series of lessons on the theme of sustainability with the grand finale of testing this innovative App developed by Zuyd University of Applied Sciences.   

“It is part of our core values as a school to let the children discover and learn through direct experiences. Testing this innovation fitted perfectly with our vision,” explained Mr. Otermans, principal of OBS Berg.  

Indeed, Eddy van den Aker, Roger Bemelmans and Jules Kruijtzer of Research Centre Data Intelligence have been working intensively over the past few months to shape the app that allows for later energy sharing between neighbors. “The fact that the app had to be “user friendly” was an extremely important condition for us because it must be able to be used later by everyone,” says Roger Bemelmans of Zuyd University of Applied Sciences.   

Not a game but an asset in the fight against energy poverty 

Хотите испытать свою удачу в азартных играх? Тогда авиатор игра на деньги – это то, что вам нужно.

The app and the technology behind it could go to support, for example, public institutions such as a school or a library but also elderly and vulnerable families. “It is an asset in the fight against energy poverty,” says Elianne Demollin-Schneiders of Open University.   

The possibility of using this technology to improve the living and housing situation of his town’s citizens has not escaped Kevin Rouwette, alderman for Economy, Tourism and Recreation of the Valkenburg municipality. Mr. Rouwette, guest at the school festival, says: “We should be proud that this innovation that will change the future of our energy landscape has been developed close to us. This makes our region central in the fight against energy poverty. We strongly believe in it!”.  

Measuring is knowing: monitoring and sharing energy   

But in order to share energy, it is first important to know how much energy one effectively needs. This can be done through a simple and inexpensive installation of plugs that monitor energy consumption.  

The system was tested locally at Jos Ubaghs owner of Sjef Ubaghs Installatietechniek, with technical support from German colleagues at the FH Aachen Institut NOWUM-Energy. “We have been involved in energy transition for 50 years and participating in this project was the perfect opportunity to confirm our commitment,” says Mr. Ubaghs proudly. 

Monitoring and sharing energy: good for the planet but also for the wallet  

Вас ждут невероятные бонусы и акции в казино покердом , которые сделают вашу игру неповторимой.

Bas van de Kreeke, CEO at SOLTECH, company pioneer in the field of building-integrated solar panels, explains, “The installation of these monitoring plugs will simply be included in any renovation or new construction in the future because this system makes it possible to share energy and save money at the same time.”   

Yes, because not only is this technology a better way to deal with existing green energy sources but it also gives us the opportunity to save money as consumers and make money as prosumers.  

“The system can be easily set up technically, but there needs to be a change in mindset. We need to be able to normalize energy sharing and not see it as a competitor to current energy suppliers. We have to look at the “bigger picture”” says Dominik Stollenwerk, project engineer at FH Aachen.  

The energy landscape you don’t want to miss  

The school’s young prosumers figured it out very quickly themselves: saving energy means more presents! In fact, they were so enthusiastic that they set to work with heart and soul to create works of art on the theme of energy sharing. So on a canvas they painted houses, schools and factories: the village of the future, where energy will be easily shared.  

номад казино – это место, где сбываются мечты.

This beautiful work now hangs in Mister Rouwette’s office. A nice reminder of how easy it can be to share energy: “Sharing is caring Mister Rouwette!”. 



The project Blockchain4Prosumers (https://www.blockchain4prosumers.eu/) is supported by https://www.interregemr.eu/ and the European Regional Development Fund (https://ec.europa.eu/regional_policy/funding/erdf_en). This project is possible thanks to the collaboration of 9 knowledge institutions:



Wil Paulus


Bas van de Kreeke


Peter Meijers


Jos Ubaghs


Harold Janssen


Ton Jacobs

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